they never say a word.. yet there is this pressure for you to conform.. but tell me? why should you.. its utter nonsense.. don't listen.. not buy into it...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Goood Morning! I woke up a little earlier to prepare my salsa for the days ahead but that took way longer than I expected. Edwin was down promptly at 8:50 and we made our breakfast together. For him Egg White Omelette with granted cheese and smoked salmon with Vitamin water For her Double Sunny side up eggs with cheese with sides of smoked salmon and salsa. With Lemon infused water We have decided to get some work done in the morning and head to the rock wall in the afternoon. Lunch will be Agllio Olio Vegeroni with bacon bits and button mushrooms in balsamic vinegar reduction. xoxo, Trina

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 1 Edwin and I, I think mostly cajoled by me, are starting on a no junk food eat clean diet. So there will be no fast food/ junk food for the next 2 weeks. And if we can help it we are going to eat in, drink buckets of green tea and lemon water. On the Menu - Friday (17 Jan) Mushroom in buttered broth Honey glazed wings Miso soup/chicken broth Omelette Brown rice Meal Choices 1.Pan-seared chicken with cauliflower mash 2. Aglio Olio pasta with mushrooms and smoked salmon 3.Garlic vermicelli with shredded chicken and Chawamushi 4. Five grain rice with chicken cutlet, Salmon Sashimi and Miso Soup with a side of Edamame 5. Tomato sauce pasta with poached salmon chunks This eat clean diet is going to last 2 weeks from now 15 Jan - 29 Jan. Only juice/smoothies, green tea, lemon water, soyabean milk and barley. The hardest challenge is only eating from 8am - 8pm. Food Journal Lunch 15 Jan Sliced fish soup with homemade noodles Sticky chewy chocolate (Edwin's last cheat before we truly start) Tea Green Tea with a lemon slice Dinner Pork soup with bean sprouts Pan fried Toufu Spinach Greens Ikan Bilis After dinner I even made my own chicken stock to help flavour our food that we are cooking these two weeks. I much rather do this so I know what's in the food. Sometimes I don't know if I can trust what is written on the labels. One down 13 more days to go.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

i have a lot of anxiety today. but it is sunday and I should be heading out to the beach. My toe throbs with pain. Suck it up. there is so much to do and I think that the anxiety is from doing every half past and not all the way. So I am going to the beach today and giving it all I got. Worst is I'll get laughed at, but I laugh at myself to. I am going to come back and play the guitar plan thoroughly for next weeks and for the accounts that I am involved it I have 6 months to prove myself and make it count! you can! be confident and love life everyday.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I have chosen today to be the start of a new beginning. I am just back from my vacation. Ready to start my journey as an entrepreneur. Ready to earn my own keep. With that I have 3 goals for myself To make Project Mares the number one water sports and water events company in Singapore in 2 years. To earn $100k per year and to get 10 events completed by the end of 2013. on a personal note I plan for the second half of 2013 to become fluent in mandarin. become so flexible I can do a standing 180degrees centre spilt and a backwalk on the balance beam. I want to invest in 5 stocks/etfs and have a firm grasp on finance. I will learn to be tech savvy at Excel, Pages, Keynote, Prezzi and also learn computing languages. How am I going to accomplish this. I am going to work on PM 8 hours a day /five days a week dedicate 1 hour to exercise daily. join BNI champions replace TV with Coursera Rockclimb with Edwin/conditioning and flexibility training in the morning/gym?/ballet?/lyrical dance meditate at night (set up a candle/scent corner) read prolifically will keep it up and update you constantly :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

its 2013. time to look forward i am excited to take what I have learnt, the fervour and determination and almost addictive quality I take on when I buckle down to get it done. This year is meant for me to accomplish great things. I know it, and I am determined to make it happen. It starts with everything. Expect to win!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

This month is dedicated to doing only the things I really want to do, rather than just going with the flow. Also I want to know what I like. I feel sometimes a little like the runaway bride, my opinions shift with the tides and the social pressures. So this month is to solidify what is me! Top 5 Favourite songs Five for fighting - Something about you Adele - Make you feel my love David Guetta - Don't let me go Sting - Always on your side Sara Bareillis - Gravity Top 5 Favourite Movies Wicker Park August Rush Taken Swordfish League of extraordinary gentleman 5 Favourite Books 7 Daughters of Eve Life of Pi The time travellers wife Outlier Eat that frog 5 Places I'd like to travel to right now France/Paris Egypt/Pyramids Kenya/Sarengeti Norway/Aurora Jordon/Petra 5 things I want to learn Ballet on pointe beach volleyball pop piano psychographics tool complete dmt training 5 things I covet Camera with Waterproof housing a Condo, with a view, 2000sf an Audi A4 in Black Ronde Solo De Cartier Watch 5 things I cannot live without my sunnies/ sunblock Meagan McKindle Nathaniel my trustee water bottle and ;p friend If the world was ending tmr, any regrets? I wouldn't change a thing. I may have regrets, but I feel my life has been very full. 5 things I absolutely hate when people don't live our their full potential showing weakness relinquishing control cheesy, slapstick humour people with no opinions of their own 5 things I adore lego pretty stationery high heel shoes books dancing if I could only have 1 drink for the rest of my life.. It would have to be a whiskey dry... ahh~ In another life, I would have been an archeologist, a broadway actor, a stock broker, a pirate. My inspirations 321 contact Felicia Lin My Parents IJ TP Darius Jiang Greg.. I dont event remember his last name If I could have a superpower, I wanna be just like Night Crawler. Telekinesis If I could do anything right now to make myself "invincible", I would get a masters degree, find myself a new job that earns me double what I earn now. Favourite "aminals" owls beluga sloths hedgehogs Animals I wanna dive with Humpback whale Manatee Seal Whaleshark pulau jellyfish lake

Monday, September 03, 2012

the happiness project.

I think ever since received this book 2 years ago and reading it. I think my life has taken a corner.

Picking up diving in a way I have never taken to anything else in my life with a fervor for depth and breath that creeps into every aspect of my life.

I think there is a hint of regret that I had opportunities given to me in the past to pursue things of interest but stopped short in the dedication department. I vow never again.

And it opens up the possibilities to so many things that I want to pursue. Sometimes I catch myself making excuses that I have no enough time. But 1 thing at a time. And I'd have all the time in the world :)

today I've been woken bright and early to go swimming. never in my wildest dreams. It may only be 11am but I've done far more today.

I am looking forward to turning my room its head today to put all my things as it should and get on with all the things that I need to do.